18704 Orthodontics for Children

18704 Orthodontics for Children

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Kids braces in 18704

Years ago, young children were not assessed for orthodontic issues. Typically, children were first referred an orthodontist by their dentist during the pre-teen age range. Today, this has changed. Today, Interceptive Orthodontics is a very common philosophy and practice in dentistry in which young children are thought to benefit from 18704 Orthodontics for Children.

If your children have orthodontic problems that need to be dealt with, such as crowding or spacing, your child might need to get braces. Today, 18704 Orthodontics for Children treatment is typically done when they are between the ages of seven and eleven years old. It’s best to take your children to an orthodontist who has experience treating young children. Because they are still growing, children have different needs than adults do. For this reason, they need an orthodontist who has the skills and experience to provide them with the care they need. That’s what your children will receive when they come to our high quality, professional orthodontic practice. Our experts at Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics have the expertise and the experience to provide your children with the top-notch orthodontic care they need and deserve. Our practice is equipped to handle the orthodontic care needs of patients of all ages. Therefore, we are full equipped to treat your whole, entire family. Your family will be in good hands at our practice. We provide our patients with the highest quality of orthodontic care they need, using the newest state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology. Your family will feel welcome from the moment they walk through the door. Our pleasant, warm comfortable office is comprised of a team of professionals dedicated to your family’s well-being.

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