18704 pediatric orthodontics

18704 Pediatric Orthodontics

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Waiting when it comes to tooth alignment issues is not going to lead to the type of result you want for your child. It is far better to be proactive, which is something we know all about here at Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics. We believe in getting an early start so that today’s minor issues don’t become tomorrow’s major ones. And even if today’s concerns are already major, the sooner that you get started with interceptive orthodontics, the sooner your child will have a more healthy, straighter smile.

Conventional wisdom once stated that kids should first come in for an orthodontic evaluation around age 12 to 14, but that strategy leaves a lot of time between the eruption of adult teeth and the initial assessment of how new tooth growth is progressing. By starting considerably earlier, by age 7, our 18704 pediatric orthodontics are more effective, getting out ahead of problems instead of simply letting them become worse over time without treatment. There are some signs that you should be on the lookout for, which are clear indications that your child may be able to benefit from our 18704 pediatric orthodontics. Among them are teeth crowding, misplaced teeth, jaws that click or make other noises, misaligned jaws, chewing problems, finger or thumb sucking, and any teeth that are growing in crooked. Upon evaluation, it may be determined that she or he should be receiving care, or what is called phase I treatment. Later on, in early adolescence, is when phase II begins. Often, that secondary treatment is simpler, less time-consuming, and less costly thanks to the early intervention of interceptive orthodontics.

Don’t leave your child’s tooth positioning up to chance. Contact our office to book an appointment to find out if he or she should be receiving needed attention from our 18704 pediatric orthodontics.

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