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Interceptive Orthodontics in Kingston

Kids need routine dental care for the same reason that adults do. Preventing cavities and gum disease is essential, but there are other things pediatric dentists can do for kids as well. Here at Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics, our expert dentists can also look for early signs of malocclusions, crooked teeth, and other bite issues that can be resolved with the use of interceptive orthodontics. With the proper Kingston orthodontics care, your child can grow up with a healthy bite and great oral health.

Orthodontic care is most common among teenage patients. This is because teenagers are still growing but they already have their complete set of permanent teeth. This makes orthodontic treatment a bit easier, but orthodontic care can also be administered to kids as well as adults. For younger patients, though, orthodontic treatment is only implemented if absolutely needed, which is where interceptive orthodontics comes in. Because baby teeth act as place holders for the teeth that will come later, severe malocclusions and misaligned bites may need to be preemptively treated when a child still has their primary teeth. It may eliminate the need for intensive care or oral surgery later and/or make future orthodontic care much easier and less invasive. Here at Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics, our experts can identify such concerns in growing children and make sure that they are given the Kingston orthodontics treatment that they deserve. With early intervention and phased treatment, kids with severe issues can avoid having to extract teeth when they are older to meet the needs of waiting later for orthodontic care, and instead of serious oral surgery they can instead undergo two less invasive phases of orthodontic care.

Our practice has over five locations in the Kingston area, but our Kingston-specific can be found at 183 Market Street in Suite 103. Quinn, Mariotti and Abod Orthodontics accepts many insurance plans including United Concordia, Delta Dental, Metlife and Guardian in order to serve our patients better. To learn more about Kingston orthodontics and other treatments for your child, call our dental offices today.

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